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This website is designed to give you insight into my learning experience in History 1120. Through this class we tried to dig deeper into the understanding of what history is. Originally we were asked what history is and how do… Continue Reading →

POH Word Collage

This word cloud is filled with the main words from my research project. Most prominently is the word “women”. They are the focus of my project and the influence they had on institutional care. (credit to word cloud)

Reading Logs and Their Purpose

Reading Logs: Reading logs gave me the opportunity to further my understanding of the class content. We were given articles that usually related to class content and would be brought up in class for discussion. In class we would discuss… Continue Reading →

Change in Thought (outline)

Protestant Orphans Homes (POH), what about them is so important? When first approaching this research project I was not sure what question I was going to ask. Trying to narrow down my topic had it’s difficulties. At first, after doing… Continue Reading →

Social Work: Knowing It’s History

My final research paper was on the effect women had on Protestant Orphans’ Homes. I chose to look into this topic because it had a certain connection to my future career in Social Work. I am planning to get my… Continue Reading →

Word Collage

In this word collage I have chosen the words that I found most memorable and important to the course. With just these words it gives a reflection on the class. this map focuses less on class content, and more on… Continue Reading →

Class reflection

History 1120 Canadian Pre-Confederation; with Dr. Tracy Penny Light, was my first real introduction to a history course. It opened my eyes to the study of history in University, and how it is studied in much finer detail once out… Continue Reading →


It was often brought up in class that Biases can easily get in the way when studying history. Not everyone was easily able to understand this concept as many people do not even know their own biases. A world without… Continue Reading →

Final Paper Reflection

What I Learned: After completing my research on the effects women had on Protestant Orphans’ Homes I realized how much of a difference these women made to institutional care. Canadian POH were leaving behind old institutional care and were taking… Continue Reading →

Women Helping a System Move Forward

The study of women in history has not always been a popular topic. As discussed in our classes the importance of women in the past has only become more noticed recently. This is due to the idea of equality not… Continue Reading →

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